Hailstorms Western Sydney 14th October 2021

Northwest and western Sydney was impacted by a tornado warned intense supercell hailstorm on Thursday 14th March 2021. Emerging from the Colo region, it passed through Londonderry and Richmond and tracked through Marsden Park and Schofields and Quakers Hill through to Marayong, Parklea and Blacktown vicinity. Hail to the size of golf balls and some larger devastated numerous suburbs damaging vehicles stuck in rush hour. The fast movement of the hailstorm in some cases meant hail damage was not as severe except in the southern portion of the hailstorm where hail drifts occurred.

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PDR Training Australia

Paintless dent removal

Paintless dent removal

PDR Training Australia is a company set up several years ago to provide opportunities for individuals to learn paintless dent removal without having to spend ample life savings. By not providing a full set of tools, they have developed an ideal solution that enables anyone to join the course without the stress to get their own tools or pay expensive fees for a full or near full kit worth in the $2000 to $5000 range. What if one does not decide to move on, such a move can have significant impact on resources spent. Most people nowadays are reluctant or not in such a position to take such a risk.

PDR Training Australia also does not push for franchises but they do provide hope for the possibility of future contacts wherever possible as well as help in setting up the business. Most importantly, they encourage an ethical approach to dealing with customers which is important in maintaining a positive sense across the industry.

Feel free to check more of their website at www.pdrtraining.com.au.