Hailstorm Canberra 3rd January 2022


Hailstorm Canberra 3rd January 2022

Several suburbs in northwestern Canberra were hit by a devastating hailstorm on the afternoon of the 3rd January 2022. Developing just south of Canberra, the storm, likely a supercell, intensified and tracked north through the suburbs of Belconnen on the eastern fringe, Holt to the west, Hall to the north and host of other suburbs. Hailstones with severe winds fell across the suburbs collapsing branches and damaging countless hundreds of vehicles. Although predictive radar did indicate possible storm tracks, instability along a boundary likely intensified the storm tracking along the boundary. Another likely supercell also impacted regions further south later but in mountainous terrain.


A preliminary map of the damage path and radar has been provided for your perusal.


Radar courtesy of Weatherwatch Metcentre

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