Hailstorm Canberra 3rd January 2022


Hailstorm Canberra 3rd January 2022 Several suburbs in northwestern Canberra were hit by a devastating hailstorm on the afternoon of the 3rd January 2022. Developing just south of Canberra, the storm, likely a supercell, intensified

New Business and Job Opportunities in PDR


New Business and Job Opportunities in PDR Are you wanting to join this lucrative job industry of Paintless Dent Removal? We have some exciting news to be released shortly involving PDR Training and business and

Hailstorms Western Sydney 14th October 2021


Northwest and western Sydney was impacted by a tornado warned intense supercell hailstorm on Thursday 14th March 2021. Emerging from the Colo region, it passed through Londonderry and Richmond and tracked through Marsden Park and

PDR Training Australia


PDR Training Australia is a company set up several years ago to provide opportunities for individuals to learn paintless dent removal without having to spend ample life savings. By not providing a full set of

Nothing to do during Covid? Check out the PDR Course Online For more information about the paintless dent removal industry secrets visit our PDR eBook Online .

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